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Resolution - Platform Network for European Youth Activities

The Platform Network for European Youth Activities recommended the development of a new European Union youth program, which ties the successes of YOUTH IN ACTION after 2013 to a good conversion of the current program. This follow-up program is to carry further the well introduced and positively known name YOUTH IN ACTION. It should remain in dependant and remain a promotion instrument for the non-formal youth education.  

In order to develop successes of YOUTH IN ACTION 2007-2013, the new program must be financially more strongly equipped than the past. Refusal ratios of up to for example 50 % by the German National Agency because of missing resources are counterproductive for the enthusiasm of young people for the program and could damage the reputation of the European Union. A necessary financial optional extra for YOUTH IN ACTION did not take place in the last of you far round. YOUTH IN ACTION has a financial volume of 885 Million €, this amount is not sufficient, because good projects have been rejected because of lacking funds. For the next youth program at least an amount of 985 Million € should be available.

Karin Baresel
Secretariat in behalf of Platform Network for European Youth Activities

International Secretary  
Regional Youth Council Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,
ph.:+49 385 7607616, fax: +49 385 7607620