International affairs in the Regional Youth Council M-V (LJR M-V e. V.)

We are also internationally active as Regional Youth Council M-V. In our office Karin Baresel is responsible and person to turn to, if you are intend international projects and/or expect proposals or suggestions. Beside notes and hints for application of financial budgets and supports she gives also assistance for partner agreements and co-ordination. So please contact Karin Baresel, Tel.: 0385 76076-16,

2010: PLATFORMnetwork secretariat in the anniversary year in Schwerin

The Regional Youth Council  is member in PLATFORM, a network for European youth activities. PLATFORM 2010 commit the 25-year old anniversary! We are pleased, to have the honour to organize the annual meeting in the anniversary year as well as to lead the secretariat. Thereby we trust in our member organisations. You can use the annual meeting in November in Greifswald for the introduction of your associations, to experience live of the possibilities within the Platform, to meet partners for future co-operation and to celebrate with us!

Some facts

Partner countries and - regions of the LJR M-V are:

  • Belgium/Flanders
  • Germany/Eifel Ardennen
  • Estonia
  • Finland/Western Finland
  • Greece/Corinthia
  • Ireland/Galway County
  • Italy/province Vercelly
  • Turin
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxembourg
  • Poland/Westpommern
  • Lublin region
  • Slovenia
  • Spain/Murcia
  • Sweden/SydSam
  • Skåne
  • Roberstfors
  • Slovakia
  • Russia/Kaliningrad Oblast
  • Leningrad Oblast
  • Veliky Nowgorod
  • Tschechien/Olomuc
  • Hungary/Hadju Bihar County
  • Austria/Vorarlberg

A long-term co-operation exists with Israel since 1998. We work on projects in the Forum of Parliaments of the Southern Baltic Sea since 2002.

International executive committee activities

Beyond the office we are internationally also active in the executive committee. At present Elizabeth Kirschke (Environmental Protection Youth assoc.) is representatively and youth-politically in Europe and particular in the Baltic Sea region active for the LJR M-V.

Current emphasis is the future European Union youth strategy (Future European Union-Cooperation into the Youth Field), to decide at the end of November 2009 by the Council of Europe.

We took part on as follows:

  • Youth vent of the Swedish council presidency in Stockholm 12. - 14.09.09
  • Youth vent of the BSSSC in Roskilde (Denmark) 13. - 15.10.09
  • Perspectives OF youth entrepreneurship and tourism development into the countries OF the Baltic Sea region 30.09. - 3.10.09
  • BBC plus seminar 21. - 23.10.09 in Berlin

Future co-operation are planned with:

  • Azerbaijan
  • France/Calvados
  • Macedonia
  • Norway/Stavanger
  • Russia/Karelien

We are looking forward to your inquiries and proposals within the international field with the LJR M-V. Address us at any time, so that we can represent you in the best possible way.